What Are These Superfractor Test Proofs?

Thanks to the internet and social media, there is no hobby misdeed that goes unpunished. The moment something is out of sorts in any way, whether its an opinion of a fake auto, fake patch or the like, the venues for which communication can take place are now more numerous than ever.

Recently, a group of auctions have come into question, as their presence has raised a number of interesting scenarios for the hobby’s most coveted cards. Known as “Superfractor Test Proofs” these cards have been showing up on eBay lately with increasing frequency.

Bryce Harper – 2011 Bowman Superfractor Test Proof

Justin Verlander – 2010 Topps Chrome Superfractor Test Proof

Justin Verlander – 2012 Bowman Chrome Superfractor Test Proof

Justin Verlander – 2011 Bowman Platinum Prospects Superfractor Test Proof

They are either single cards that look to have been cut from a larger sheet, or the entire sheet themselves. The examples we see are not serial numbered, and not autographed, and for all intents and purposes, dont look to be made for public consumption. There is speculation that the cards have come from Topps as part of giveaways or other less ethical means, but there has been no confirmation on this. More likely, they are collectors printing their own cards and trying to make a buck by deceiving the public that the cards are official.

Thanks to forums like Blowout cards, we have seen members perfect the art of printing custom superfractors for player collectors that commission their creation. Therefore its no stretch of the imagination that the test proofs are an extension of that practice. I have seen the uncut sheets first hand from Topps, and can verify that they are not printed double sided like the cards in these auctions. They are also not printed on normal card stock, instead on posterboard like material. Although it is possible that these are actually test proofs, as stated in the item’s description, there is widespread criticism that this is not the case.

All in all, I think these cards do present a unique opportunity for said player collectors to get a superfractor where they didnt have one before, and its not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, the price of commissioning their own custom on Blowout is likely more expensive than they will pay. However, there is concern that the people buying them actually think they are official cards, which doesnt look to be the case. If anyone has further information, please reach out, because we are all at a level of confusion.

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