What the Tim Tebow to Patriots Does For His Cards

I am NOT a fan of Tim Tebow. In fact, after we discovered just how bad he really is, I dont see why people are still so obsessed with him. Never in the history of the league has a third string QB gotten the attention he has. Luckily for all of us, he signed with New England, which means that we wont have to hear much over the course of the season.

Check out the recent auctions, things are getting out of hand:

2010 Exquisite Tim Tebow Rookie Auto Patch /99

2010 Contenders Tim Tebow Auto Ticket BGS 9.5

2010 Topps Platinum Tim Tebow Red Refractor Patch Auto

2010 Topps Five Star Tim Tebow Auto RC /100

For a long time, even after he was traded to the Jets, collectors were still buying up his cards and assigning value to his autographs. I will not deny that he will always have SOME value because of his college career, but I am standing by the fact that his off the field persona is a large part of why he has MORE value than the typical player in his standing.

I have said numerous times that Tebow will never be an NFL QB, which hasnt changed. To think how many teams have switched to a spread or read option style, and still no one has come calling at all? That says something about what the NFL thinks about his potential vs risk. Belichick is going to be a dampener, which should be exactly what he needs, as non-starters should rarely ever be the story unless someone gets hurt or they do something stupid.

That wont stop Patriots collectors from going crazy trying to buy up his cards, and to be honest, we might have a very unusual situation in the hobby coming up. Although backup rookies frequently get cards, they RARELY if ever get real cards past their first year. Its likely that for the first time in history, we get non-rookie cards of a THIRD string player. That is just plain ludicrous.

Here is the other unusual part of this whole situation. It seems as though Ryan Mallet has gotten a bump in his value, it seems just because so many of the news organizations are talking about his potential as a future NFL starter. You gotta love the way this hobby works.

2011 Topps Five Star Ryan Mallett Auto Booklet /15

2011 Exquisite Ryan Mallett Rookie Auto Patch Logo

Here is the long and short of it. Tim Tebow will not make the hall of fame. Tim Tebow will likely not start a game for the rest of his career based on merit over injury. If you buy his cards, its for his college career, not his pro career. That’s about it.

EDIT: Here is the first Tebow card courtesy of my favorite card company! YAY COLLECTORS.


3 thoughts on “What the Tim Tebow to Patriots Does For His Cards

  1. I mean, isn’t part of the hobby collecting who you like? If people like the guy and want to go after his cards who cares what his stats are (or if he even has stats). I agree his off the field persona plays a big role but he is an underdog, who has shown fight and had success because of it (steelers playoff game), and people love an underdog. If Rocky Balboa had cards I’m sure people would scoop those up too : )

  2. As a Broncos fan I still have a soft spot for the guy. He wasn’t the best QB but he’s a winner. The guy is a stronger leader and seems to get things done others say he can’t. And for that I have to appreciate his moxie.

  3. I think you’re being too hard on Tebow. The kid already proved he has what it takes to be an average starter in the NFL… Love him or not he’s got a good head on his shoulders and tries hard wherever he goes.. Let people collect whatever they want.. It doesn’t effect your pockets right?

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