Where Your Subscription Money Goes…

Well, looks like Beckett has pissed off more people, including former employees. Ha, love it. Despite the fact that I have received internal communications that Beckett is not at all well to do in terms of finance, this post on Boycott Beckett seems to show that they at least have money to threaten the bloggers with lawsuits.

Well, glad to see that Beckett’s priorities are in the right order:
1) Suck Donini’s cock
2) Threaten former employees with libel suits
3) Use the “millions” of dollars in the bank to file said suits
4) Try to get leg up on bloggers who do everything for free
5) Make excuses for epically failing at #4
6) Suck Donini’s cock
7) Put together Donini marketing event at Beckett HQ
100) report on hobby “info” (actually more advertising for Donini)
Good job there on establishing these. Glad to see Beckett is still the number one source for Douchebaggery.

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