Who Stands to Benefit the Most in Value From the 2012 Playoffs

The playoffs start in just over a week, and for the most part, there are a lot of players who stand to move the needle in the hobby to match. Some of them are new players, but some of them are players who have a few things to prove. Andrew Luck and RGIII look to be on their way, but their values are already so high, that the playoffs wont do much for them. Other players stand to gain quite a bit.

Colin Kaepernick

I think of any player, Kaepernick has the most to gain for a lot of reasons. Not only is he a hot hand right now, which spells well for his value, but he hasnt had a lot for collectors to latch onto in terms of on field production. Because this is his first playoff game, if he can pull off a win or two, look for his stuff to jump significantly. The playoffs have that effect more than any other sport.

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Russell Wilson

Im not going to lie, its tough to bet against the Seahawks this year, and I have commented a number of times that Wilson should have more value. Now that collectors have kind of caught on, a playoff win could put him up with Luck and RGIII. Seattle is primed to make a DEEP run if they can stay healthy, and that spells great things for Wilson’s cards.

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Adrian Peterson

I know, I know, homer alert. However, Peterson should eclipse 2000 yards after Sunday, and there is a possibility that they could get in even if they cant beat the Packers. Its unlikely, but possible. Peterson’s cards are already the most expensive running back value there is, but his value is not all it could be if he A) gets the record, B) gets 2000 yards, or C) wins a few playoff games. Vikings fans still are bitter about Favre’s stupidity in 2009 that cost them a Super Bowl, and that hasnt died down. Too bad Ponder isnt Favre in terms of getting them there.

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Peyton Manning

I am going to go out on a limb and say that Peyton needs to win another ring to really put him in the conversation of the greatest ever. He is in the room right now, but not at the table, which is a travesty considering all he has accomplished. He will not have an issue eclipsing Favre as the most prolific passer, and I would guess that his hobby value has some to gain if he can have success in Denver. The recent success has already catapulted his recent sticker autos from Panini into the stratosphere, but his earlier stuff is still pretty cheap.

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Alfred Morris

For a guy that was drafted where he was drafted, Morris is having a ridiculously good year. He hasnt had many autos so far this year, but Topps has already said he will have on card content in Five Star. Because the Redskins’ fan base is growing exponentially because of RGIII, Morris can gain some serious ground in the value wars in the playoffs. Im still not sold that his success isnt due to Shannahan, but its looking better every day. Sure has to get in the playoffs first.

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Matt Schaub

If there is an underrated guy out there, they deserve to win the Schaub award for underratedness each year. The Texans should end up the 1 or 2 seed, and if they start winning games in the post season with him at the helm, I think he can finally start to pick up on the value front. Right now, his stuff is still cheap because Foster and Johnson are the stars of the team, but he is no schlub.

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Tony Romo

Dallas has been red hot during the second half of the year, and if Romo can beat Washington this weekend, he might FINALLY have a chance to prove he can win in the post season.  His value hasnt been great lately because Dallas has so drastically under performed, but the gods might finally smile upon him. Of course, its all going to depend on his ability to beat RGIII.

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Julio Jones

I love what Julio Jones brings to the game, as he could eventually develop into one of the biggest vertical receivers in the game. If he blows up like I think he will in the playoffs, he will solidify his place among collectors as the guy to go after from 2011’s class. Although Green seems to be a better statistical guy, he plays for the Bengals. The Falcons are a much better team, value wise.

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I cannot wait for this Sunday, as all will be determined and each team will have had their day. These guys may not all make it to the dance, but if they do, look out. As I mentioned above, the playoffs are a time where collections are made and broken. I would prepare for a wild ride.

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