Why Are People This Stupid?

Kickstand forwarded me this auction of a fake SPA Peterson Viking head logo, and I am shocked for a few reasons. Obviously, there is not even a question that this card isnt real, and Kickstand even included the pic of the real card to prove it. Ill get to that in a second.

First, its almost like no one understands that the stiching on any Vikings NFL authentic jersey is not flat like it is in this patch. The Vikings heads have much different stitching, which most of the time can be determined simply by going on the NFL website. If you are going to spend 500 plus dollars on this card, why wouldnt you just go take a look? Its fucking ridiculous to me.
Second, and even more shocking, this fucking douchebag destroyed a three color patch card to create this abomination. If you look at the before pics, you can see why the actual real card will be worth MORE than the money he gets for the fake. For this I fucking laugh, because you know he is too dumb to buy a regular one color patch for his crime, and instead uses the most expensive one available. I dont think I have ever seen a douchebag fail so hard.
Lets all laugh with me as we report this assfuck.

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