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First off, thank you to everyone who entered! It was really cool to see the ways that everyone contributed to the hobby! Thanks to the voices that everyone contributes on a regular basis, this industry’s reaction to collector feedback has drastically changed.

Secondly, another big thank you to both Upper Deck and Topps, who donated such awesome prizes for me to giveaway to everyone here. Over the last few years, they have been at the forefront of listening to the feedback we provide and implementing our ideas and suggestions into their products.

Without further ado – here are the winners!

First prize of the 2007 rookie premiere NFL helmet (courtesy of Topps) goes to Paul, who wrote this comment:

“Thanks for this contest – I have been a reader for many years, and say that this is a daily stop for me each morning. I have posted a few comments here over the years, and I have also been to the National card show in Baltimore to talk with the different guys from Panini and Topps and Upper Deck.Thanks again!”

Second prize of the 2003 rookie premiere football (courtesy of Topps) goes to daddyoho, who posted this entry:

“A collector for over 35 years, my biggest contribution to the hobby voice is getting my kids informed and interested about cards.”

Third prize of the Andy Dalton Industry Summit auto (Courtesy of Topps) goes to Scott G, who posted this comment:

“I have been in the hobby for 5 years. After I learned about “Pack Searchers” at local Target and Walmart stores, I now seek them out on every visit and confront them on their doings when I see it happening. ALSO when I see younger children with their parents looking at the cards in Target/Walmart I inform them of the “Hobby” side of the products and direct them to my LHS.”

The last Topps prize, and a big one – a 2012 Rookie Premiere Autographed Football goes to Chad Kinzle:

“Congrats on the Anniversary, I’ve been a big fan since I came across your site 3 years ago. To be honest I get most of my news and card previews from your facebook/twitter feeds.

I’ve been collecting since 86′ when I was 7 years old. I’ve recently had the privilege of passing on my hobby love to my 2 nephews (7 & 9 years old). While I collect Rodgers and higher-end stuff it has been amazingly fun to see the looks on their faces when they get ANY cards… a simple base card with ‘gold’ trim and they think it’s priceless.

I’ve been active in several forums and truthfully I enjoy the chat sections just as much (if not more) than the buying/selling threads. As a graphic designer, I’m a tad harsh on the critiques of products but I also try to create custom variations of said products on my own so that I’m not only complaining & pointing out flaws, but trying to provide potential solutions. I’ve tried applying at Panini, but at the time they were not accepting out of state entries.

All in all this hobby is no doubt one of my 3 loves in life, just slightly behind my wife and daughter.”

The next prize, courtesy of Upper Deck, a Doug Martin card from the 2013 industry summit goes to EC Greenwood:

“While I often disagree with your opinions on the hobby, I do enjoy reading this blog and have kept it bookmarked for what seems like forever (truly a high honor). I agree with your statement that dissenting opinions, even when critical, are necessary to help keep everything in perspective. The hobby is to each person what they perceive it to be, and thus there is no “best” or “right” way to do anything!

My contributions have been with my hard earned cash, showing off my collection whenever possible, and donating things I do not want back to the local shop.

Keep up the good work!”

The last prize, courtesy of Upper Deck is a box of 2012 SP Authentic Football, which goes to Brandon Beck:

“I was pulled back into the hobby last year, after about a 15 year absence. I stopped collecting years ago after a home burglary, where my entire collection was stolen. Box breaks is what got me back in. Even tho I still have yet to.pull a big hit, its a fun and affordable way to.collect, and it really brings more people together as a collecting community.”

Thank you to all who participated. Winners can email with their name and address (from the email address provided with the comment), and winner emails will be delivered today to those same email addresses.


  1. Thank you so much for having the contest! And also thank you Topps for the Prize! I sent you an email with my address!

  2. I received the football last night – it looks great.

    I just wanted to say thank you very much!!

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