Your Yearly Best of the Worst Triple Threads Baseball Die Cuts

Ah yes, here we go again. For more than a decade, Topps has felt it necessary to release a Triple Threads set that basically looks the exact same as all of its previous brothers and sisters. That isnt a good thing either, as this is clearly the worst product Topps makes, and much like Spectra in football, has appeal for reasons I can only assume is the result of a deal with evil forces. Collectors have eaten this shit up, and for more than a decade, I am left dumbfounded as to why that is the case.

Im not going to say much more, because each year I say the same thing. Just feast your eyes on this garbage, and please tell me why anyone is going to be spending money on this junk.

2016 Triple Threads Ichiro Triple Relic – Ill start here as a control group, because this card is just dumb. 3G man is what it says, but it should be 3k man. Either way, this is just a reminder of how dumb it is to spell out goofy shit in die cut relic windows.

2016 Triple Threads Manny Machado Triple Relic Auto 1/1 – I see this card and just put my face straight into my palm. Good god.

2016 Triple Threads Garrett Richards Triple Relic Auto – Big Velo? Are they trying to say he throws fast? What the fuck?

2016 Triple Threads Buster Posey Triple Relic – Who gives a shit that he had the put out plus the assist? Is that really worth them commemorating it on a card? Thats worse than some of the Topps NOW commemorative junk.

2016 Triple Threads Madison Bumgarner Triple Relic – Remmeber when your grandma first called something the bomb? Same thing here with this stupid phrase.

2016 Triple Threads David Wright Triple Relic – Another worthless accomplishment to add to a card.

2016 Triple Threads Miguel Cabrera Triple Relic – Something my dad would say to use.

2016 Triple Threads David Wright Triple Relic #2 – Great way to basically say this guy is benched? I have no clue.

2016 Triple Threads Randy Johnson Triple Relic Auto 1/1 – I dont get it.

2016 Triple Threads Rollie Fingers Triple Relic Auto 1/1 – I feel like this is the last statement at the end of a CSI Miami Opening. You could say he had a “CY of Relief” WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Thank god I never have to experience Triple Threads in football ever again. I can only hope that Topps somehow just drops this product like the dud it is.

One thought on “Your Yearly Best of the Worst Triple Threads Baseball Die Cuts

  1. Your best posts every year are on this set. The die cuts are so cringey.

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