2013 Upper Deck Quantum is Live!

As I mentioned yesterday, I am a big fan of Upper Deck high end in general. I think their designs are continually very nice, and most of the time the cards are well considered to be valuable enough to compete with licensed cards of the same quality. This value is something that says a lot about what collectors think of UD, even without NFL jerseys. Quantum is another product that is in the same vein as the long line of high end royalty that Upper Deck has had in years past.

2014 Rookies Content

I think these cards are interesting, as they are really the first high end rookies for the new class. I think it gives an element of intrigue to this product, and it was definitely a good idea to include them in the set. Considering this is released AFTER 2014 UD Football, I would be questioning why they weren’t in there if they had gone a different direction.

2013 Upper Deck Quantum Johnny Manziel XRC

2013 Upper Deck Quantum Sammy Watkins XRC

2013 Upper Deck Quantum Teddy Bridgewater XRC

2013 Rookies Content

From the post yesterday, I talked a lot about the rookie auto patches, but there seems to be a few other cards definitely worth looking at in this product. A ton of on card signatures for all sorts of players, including HOF, but the rookies definitely look the best. I am not a college collector, but I am going to seriously consider making a run at some of these cards.

2013 Upper Deck Quantum Eddie Lacy Jumbo Patch Auto

2013 Upper Deck Quantum Mike Glennon Dual Patch Auto

2013 Upper Deck Quantum Le’Veon Bell Jumbo Patch Auto

HOF / Vet Content

Quantum’s price tag is prohibitive, especially with a disastrous class, and that is something that should definitely be addressed if the product returns. However, there is a lot of non-rookie to consider too. The HOF jumbo autos look really nice, even though the jerseys are the event worn junk that I cant stand. I get that collectors get butt hurt when pro swatches are used for college cards, but this is so much worse. I think it’s a mistake for UD to continue down this path instead of going back after pro GU jerseys.

2013 Upper Deck Quantum Joe Namath Jumbo Patch Auto

2013 Upper Deck Quantum Dan Marino Jumbo Patch Auto

2013 Upper Deck Quantum John Elway Dual Patch Auto

If I had 300 dollars to spend, and it was between this and other high end licensed products from 2013, im going with NFL. Not because this stuff is terrible, but because I am not a college guy. If I am a college guy, im all over this stuff. Its awesome looking.

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  1. I realized that I didn’t exactly follow the directions. I’ll be collecting the Derek Carr and Teddy Bridgewater this year. I’ll also be collecting any running backs that Denver chooses to draft this year.

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