More Odd Circumstances for the Superfractor “Test Proofs”

A few weeks ago, I wrote about these odd Superfractor test proofs that many people were not sure of origin. The mystery is continuing, as we are seeing so many pop up, and more than that, we are seeing Beckett providing legitimacy to seemingly illegitimate cards.

Nick Foles 2012 Chrome Superfractor Test Proof – GRADED BY BGS AS 9

Someone needs to speak up soon, as I dont think these are produced for this purpose, if they are even produced by Topps at all.

2 thoughts on “More Odd Circumstances for the Superfractor “Test Proofs”

  1. This proves UD’s wisdom in placing the tiny hologram on the backs of every card. They are that much more difficult to counterfeit.

  2. Why will no one from Topps acknowledge these as either legit cards or stolen?

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