The Potential for Huge Chase Element in Topps Chrome

Next week, one of my favorite products of the year will release, and this year’s Topps Chrome is looking to be one of the best in a long time. Extra parallels and more content might mean a larger print run, but these parallels sell unlike any other in the hobby. Its crazy how much people love refractors, and feeding the beast is never a bad thing, as long as it has done well.

That being said, there are also two prospects who’s chrome autographs could end up being the most valuable of all time. With the way Luck and Griffin have been playing, their value is nothing short of remarkable, and with the collector loyalty to the brand being so high, this might be a perfect storm. Its easy to compare them to Cam Newton, but also to their finest autos:

2011 Topps Chrome Cam Newton Red Refractor Auto /5 – Here is where Newton’s red refractor Auto is.

As a comparison point:

2012 Finest Andrew Luck Red Refractor Auto /15 – Here is a Finest Luck Red (WOW!)

2012 Finest Robert Griffin III Red Refractor Auto /15 – Griffin is similarly as high.

Cam Newton, last year, played better than any rookie quarterback in any way shape and form. He basically broke every record in the book. Newton has since come back down to earth, but he is a great comparison in terms of hobby value in Chrome. If we consider that Luck and Griffin have a bigger runway for their eventual potential, this might actually be much more of blowout.

Additionally, guys like Trent Richardson and Doug Martin should similarly carry big value with them, and other autographs from guys like Russell Wilson, Nick Foles and even Brandon Weeden should add major depth to this class’ showing.

Secondary rookies STILL knock it out of the park in Chrome every year. Here is where they sold in finest:

2012 Finest Russell Wilson Red Refractor Auto /15

2012 Finest Trent Richardson Red Refractor Auto /15

These might be rare refractors, but they still show the chase potential that will drive sales. Finest is lacking in this respect, where Chrome exploits it and exploits it well.

Even with the release of a set like Panini Prizm previewed yesterday, Chrome should still be a runaway favorite of many collectors. Its just hard to be the metal styling of a set that has been around for over a decade. Chrome is king, and that’s a fact.

Here are some awesome looking previews from Topps today:

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